"Leis The Label reflects my love of femininity and creating, an honor to my beautiful mother and the skills she passed on to me, and an ode to my love affair with traveling.
Timeless pieces to make you feel as if you are on an endless vacation."
- Heidi Leis


Founded in 2019, Leis The Label was born from my passion for creating. One of my favorite childhood memories is sitting by my mother, watching in awe as she was immersed in creating beautiful hand sew garments.
After nearly 10 years of making custom swimwear, with the help of my mother I curated my first collection.
Our limited edition items are created from hand selected, overstock fabrics.
80% of our stretch fabrics are made from recycled plastics taken from our Oceans. Ethically produced by our skilled seamstresses.


Leis The Label is a lifestyle brand focused on celebrating the female form. The brand is inspired by nature, women, and the feeling of balmy nights, and sun-soaked days. Each piece is designed to make you feel as if you are on an endless vacation.
Manufactured with integrity. We source the highest quality fabrics to ensure each item is durable and maintains their staying power. At Leis The Label, we focus on timeless pieces meant to live in your wardrobe season after season.